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  • Image of *Stay Wild- Women's Organic Tee
  • Image of *Stay Wild- Women's Organic Tee

*Stay Wild- Women's Organic Tee

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Originally $36 - now only $18!!!

Hand printed in our in home studio on a GOTS certified, organic cotton tee.
Printed in black on white.

This design is inspired by my love of horses, especially working/draft horses. But mainly the wild horses of the west and the issue at hand of how the BLM plan to "sterilize" the mares (the proposed method is a barbaric procedure which would leave them susceptible to infection and potentially losing any unborn foals). As a friend pointed out to me, this is a "peaceful protest". If you are curious about what is going on and how you are able to help/have a voice, visit:

"All good things are wild and free."
{Henry David Thoreau}

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