Little Owl Arts is the collection of work created by Brittan Davis. Originally starting as an herbalist and jeweler, her love of learning new artistic skills and techniques (most of which are self-taught) and working with different mediums has led her to fiber art and screen printing textiles.

Geared towards those who like to be out in nature, but want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Little Owl's clothing is perfect for yoga, hiking, a romp in the woods with the dogs, an afternoon at the beach, or heading into town with friends. Dress up or dress down, you will be comfortable and ready for any adventure! Express your love of nature with Little Owl designs!!!

Brittan is eternally inspired by the elements of nature and loves to share this through her work. You can find her outside daily among the trees, in the forests or roaming the oceanside with her dogs.

Every day is an adventure. Go out, share your joy and shine on!!!