Image of For Standing Rock - hand crocheted, locally mined quartz necklace

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For Standing Rock - hand crocheted, locally mined quartz necklace


F O R • S T A N D I N G • R O C K
I've been working on making crocheted pendants out of some locally mined, New England quartz (mined by friends of mine) to add to the shop. I've also been trying to think of how I can help support the good work of the water protectors out at Standing Rock, since I can't be there physically- only in spirit and solidarity. So I am going to be donating 50% of the profit from each sale to supporting this movement.

Each piece is individually hand crafted.
Locally mined quartz.
Each piece is unique, no two alike.
Chain is antiqued brass and measures 24 inches total.

Other ways you can help:

I would just like to mention that although this particular cause is a good one to support (for so, so many reasons), there are obviously so many other environmental and cultural issues going on around the country and the world that we shouldn't forget about. Protect our water, protect our trees, our mountain tops, our earth... Thank you to everyone who stands up for these causes and lends a voice.